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Group rate without meals

Quick Details

Adults from 15 years
Children 5-14 years
Toddlers 0-4 years

A boat trip for groups of 10 or more people

For groups of 10 people or more, we offer boat trips within the 1.5 hour boat trip including gastronomy as Flat rate transportation. The crew reserves their seats tables already set.


  • Talbrücke / OmmiKese: Short way to the ship, handicapped accessible jetty with low gradient, barrier-free large-capacity parking for buses and cars
  • Sondern: New lake promenade, playground, 15-minute walk to the lake with steps
  • Biggedamm: Car-free (15-minute walk/ascent), playground, BIGGOLINO connection to Atta cave

Boarding possible from every landing stage. Biggolino & ship always have connection.